Saturday, January 24, 2009

Millionaire's Shortbread muffin-style

I must admit this is my secord try in making Millionaires Shortbread. My first attempt was okay in flavour but looked like something more or less whipped together with a mixer:-) One of my problems was how to make nice pieces of the cake once finished. This time I simply took the easy way out by making portion-sized muffins to begin with. And I guess they turned out both pretty and delightful. I must say, I don't think, I've ever made a similar dessert with that amount of butter and sugar combined. But even though I told everybody how absolutely unhealthy they are, no one turned them down.

Four steps to make Millionaries shortbread - 12/24 pieces (cut them into halves when you serve them):

Step 1 Sweetened condensed milk

1 l. milk (3,5 % fat)
300 g. muscovado sugar
1 vanilla pod (separate pod and seeds and put both in the milk)

Put milk, sugar and vanilla in a pot and place it on medium heat on the stove. Simmer - not boil - until you have about 6 dl. of liquid. It turns light golden in colour. Takes about two hours.

Step 2 Shortbread (Nigella Lawson)

225 g. flour
75 g. sugar
175 g. unsalted butter

Rub flour, sugar and butter together real fast and refrigerated for about 30 minutes. If you make them like I have, put a ball of dough in each muffin case. Press down to fit the case. Prick the dough with a fork. Place the muffin tray in the oven (155 C) for about 25 minutes.

Step 3 Caramel

4 dl. of your sweetened condensed milk, now chilled
200 g. butter, melted
A pinch of salt
3 tbsp. dark syrup

Mix and stir occasionally while the caramel simmers, don't leave the stove! After about 15 minutes you should have a rich, thick golden caramel.

Step 4 Finish it!

Pour caramel into each muffin case and leave to set. I waited about an hour. Melt 150 g. of dark chocolate and 50 g. of white chocolate and mix and mingle to make some fancy designs on top of your caramel.

That's it.

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