Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Ladies' Cake

Madame Mangor was the author of "Cookbook for smaller households" from 1837. After her husband died she wrote several cookbooks to maintain certain standards for her and her three children. In Danish cuisine she is considered to be one of the founders of our food culture.

I was looking to make a traditional cake with rose water and in the abovementioned cookbook I found American Ladies' Cake - I have no idea why it's American...


65 g. melted cleared unsalted butter
3 tbsp. rosewater
225 g. sugar
6 egg whites, whipped
150 g. flour, sifted

100 g. confectioners' sugar
3 tsp. rose water
Red food colour

Turn on your oven at 175 C, bake for 1 hour

Melt and clear the butter. Stir in the rose water and sugar. Fold in the foamy egg whites. Add the sifted flour and be careful not to stir to much in the mixture.

Pour into a baking form and place the form on a baking sheet just below the middle of the oven.

When cooled drizzle the icing on the cake.

It filled the kitchen with a lovely aroma and was very delicate on the coffee table (smelled like summer and gardens filled with English roses:-) I don't think I will be making this cake again any time soon but it is the sort of cake where
a little goes a long way and therefore serves quite a few people.

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